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Annual Wellness Exam

A wellness physical exam is a critical part of how our veterinarians care for your pet. Having a complete physical exam performed by our detail-oriented and experienced veterinary team can detect many subtle changes in your pet's health. Dogs and cats can be very good at hiding their discomfort. Discovering changes early in the disease process can often prevent long-term and potentially costly complications.

We recommend that a wellness examination be performed at least once a year. Frequently these assessments can be scheduled at the same appointment in which a pet receives vaccinations, a heartworm and tick-borne disease panel, an intestinal parasite exam, and routine screening bloodwork. The findings of the examination will determine if any further testing is recommended.

Each patient which is presented to Foley Blvd Animal Hospital receives a full examination when it enters our facility. This involves a nose-to-tail look at many body systems of your pet, including the following:

General Appearance of the Pet- includes assessment of weight gain or loss, and recommendations for weight management if needed.

Oral Exam-a thorough dental exam, which may include recommendations for treatment or home care. Examining the oral cavity can also reveal evidence of blood disease, dehydration or shock.

Eye Exam - many changes can occur which can only be noticed or evaluated with special equipment.

Ear Exam- frequently ear infections in dogs and cats can go unnoticed by pet owners but can be detected with a complete otoscopic exam.

Lymph Nodes- to evaluate for infection or cancer

Thoracic Auscultation-listening to your pet's chest with a stethoscope can determine if heart or lung disease is present.

Abdominal Palpation-feeling the pet's belly can evaluate for problems of the digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems.

Skin Exam-infections, lumps and bumps, wounds and poor hair coat can be discussed.

Musculo-Skeletal and Neurologic Exam-to determine if any bone or joint pain or nerve dysfunctions are present. This may include a discussion of arthritis diagnosis and treatment and may lead to further diagnostic tests such as digital x-rays

Your Senior Pet

Unfortunately, pets age significantly faster than their human owners. This means that many changes can occur in a short period of time. Yearly wellness exams may not be enough to keep up with your older pet's changing health. As pets reach senior status, we may recommend more frequent check-ups to ensure their continued quality of life.

Ask Questions

As always, this is your opportunity to speak with our trained veterinary staff about any concerns you may have about your pet. You are an important link to your companion's health and we are here to address any questions or concerns.